Camp Staff

Be part of something bigger than yourself

Do you want to build friendships, create community, and learn valuable life skills? As a Procter staff member you will help youth ask hard questions, engage with people outside their neighborhood, explore and share their faith. You’ll help families connect with each other and the natural world. You’ll work hard, play hard, and spend your summer outdoors. 

Serving on a camp staff may be one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs you will ever have. At Procter the camp staff is intentional about sharing God’s love with one another and our campers; children and adults. We seek and serve Christ in all people with whom we interact at camp, modeling joy, respect, and inclusiveness, to create a community where everyone feels welcome.

About Procter Camp

Procter is a ministry center of the Diocese of Southern Ohio, with camps for children, youth and families. We are part of the Episcopal church, and believe all people are loved by God no matter who they are or what their life is like. Christian Formation is an important part of our program; we share stories, learn together, say prayers and sing every day. Campers and staff members of all (or no) faith backgrounds are welcome. We also canoe, fish, have campfires, sleep outside, create art, do chalk murals, play sports and wacky games, and explore the natural world around us. Check out photos from last season on our Facebook page for a peek into the camp program. Serving on a camp staff is a formation experience in itself; while care and safety for campers is always a staff member’s first priority, personal, faithful and professional growth results from serving and living in community.

Staff Structure

Procter will hire 15-20 staff members: Counselors, Healthcare Providers, and a Leadership Team. Some counselors will also serve as Lifeguards. Read the job description highlighted above, and hiring timeline… then submit an application online

We are intentional about hiring a camp staff that is reflective of the campers we serve. Counselors from any or no faith backgrounds, all socio economic statuses, people of color and members of the LGBT community are especially encouraged to apply.


Primary caregivers for campers. Counselors are responsible for all aspects of the camp program, comprised of cabin life, Christian formation program, and recreational activities. This includes planning, facilitating, coordinating, and cleaning up from activities throughout the camp session, guiding campers in their personal growth, faith life and daily living skills.

Health Care Provider

A resource to the camp community, ensuring health and safety of everyone on site, and supporting the work of the counselors.

Leadership Team

Comprised of a few experienced counselors or leaders to assist the Director in implementing the camp program. The Leadership Team will be responsible for managing morning formation (planning and implementation), waterfront and lifeguarding, and afternoon and evening activities.

Hiring Timeline

  • December: Potential returning counselors will be invited to reapply.
  • January: Applications are available online and recruitment begins. Applicants are encouraged to complete their application promptly. You will need to set up an account with the CampBrain software, and will receive a confirmation email.
  • February: You will be contacted about the status of your application, and to schedule an interview. Applications will remain open until all positions are filled.

I want to apply!

Have questions, comments or ideas? Contact Amy Boyd, Executive Director & Director of Camp and Youth Ministry at